Athletic Coordinators

 Daryk Cochran – Events & Branding

My name is Coach Daryk Cochran, I am ALX’s Fine Art Teacher and Co-Head Wrestling Coach.This is my 15th year at Alexander and my 20th year in education. I look forward to the new role as Athletic Coordinator this school year. My vision for ALX is to make the Athletic Department the standard bearer for excellence in both athletic and academic success not only within Douglas County but across Georgia.  When student athletes exit the ALX Athletic Program, they will have had positive experiences that equipped them with the skills to be both a leader and a reputable teammate and then apply these skills in the next stage of their life.  Being an ALX Coach, our duty is to develop strong, respectful, and responsible citizens. It is our responsibility to build our athletes into positive leaders who know how to overcome and lead through both adversity and failure, in order to become the best person they can be. We accomplish this by guiding our student-athletes through their journey and allowing them to lead, fail, and overcome.

Morris Mitchell – Recruiting & Eligibility

My name is Morris Mitchell. I am a Special Education Teacher in the math department by day and a coach by afternoon. I am the Varsity Cornerbacks coach for the football team, and I am the Head 9th Grade basketball coach. This is my second year at Alexander, and I look forward to the new role that I am walking into this school year.  

My mission as the athletic coordinator over recruiting and eligibility is to give our Cougar Community the resources that each of student-athletes need in order to be prepared for college athletics. This means that we will create a 4-year road map that will guide each family through the recruiting process and hopefully take some of the stress off the parents and the student-athlete when it is time to make the biggest decision our student-athlete’s lives. 

Thank you for this opportunity to be a part of each of your lives and I look forward to partnering with all of you in this journey! 
Go Cougars!!