Athletic Director’s Message


I am proud to serve the Alexander High School community as the 9th grade assistant principal and athletic director. Together, we will continue a proud tradition of cougar excellence. I am an Atlanta native and recent Douglasville resident.  Together, with my wife and son, we hope to lead and represent our athletic department with a servant’s heart and foster an athletic community that produces scholar athletes of which the community can be proud.

I am a 19-year educational veteran with teaching and leadership experience in both high school and middle school.  As a former chemistry teacher and assistant band director, I know the value of connecting academics and extracurricular activities.  When combined, hard work, talent, and a supportive home environment are the perfect recipe for a successful child.

Parents and loved ones, I make this promise to you.  Alexander High School is committed to fostering a community where all of our students Belong, Have Fun, and Learn at the highest levels.  When you send us your 9th graders, they come as little girls and boys. Our goal is to immerse them in a rich, rigorous, and enjoyable learning experience that is filled with meaningful relationships. Upon graduation, we will return them to you as young women and men who are ready for the world.

As the athletic director and coordinator of extracurricular activities, it is my expectation that all cougars perform at the highest academic achievement levels and exhibit excellent character as student athletes. Together, we will WIN, or we will LEARN; we will never lose!