Principal’s Message

I would like to extend a heartfelt welcome and a sincere note of gratitude as we begin another great year at Alexander High School. This year I begin my twentieth year at Alexander High School and my first year as the Principal.  It is an honor to have the opportunity to lead a school of excellence. Alexander High School is built on a foundation of high expectations for academic and extra-curricular activities. I am excited to get this school year started as we support our amazing students in their scholarly journey.

Our success would not be possible without our dedicated faculty and staff. Alexander High School has teachers and support staff that have committed many years of service. Their commitment and caring attitude remains one of the leading reasons we are a successful high school. At Alexander we have a saying “Belong, Have Fun, and Learn!”. Those words are personal to each of us. We know each student must feel connected to their school. When students feel connected they are able to experience the school day with excitement and an attitude ready for learning. Moreover, our success as a school would not be possible without the partnership and support from our Superintendent, Mr. Trent North, and each member of the Douglas County Board of Education.

Finally, a school is only as good as the support that it receives from the community. Alexander High school has a legacy of support from so many of the community members that are alumni of AHS. We take pride in our school’s generations of commitment, while also having open arms to welcome new members to Douglas County and Alexander High School.

Thank you for your support. I trust that you will continue to come back to see all of the many events that we have on campus that highlight our students commitment to our extra-curricular activities.


Chris Small